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GMC Motorhome & Transmode Maintenance Schedule X-7822A

The Maintenance Schedule is used to keep track of maintenance and when it was performed. It folds up like a road map and can be stored just about any place. When unfolded, it contains a spreadsheet with service rows and mileage columns every 3,000 miles for 50,000 miles. Maintenance mileages are written in the squares at spreadsheet row and column intersections. A large spreadsheet covers the GMC Motorhome and Transmode, and a smaller spreadsheet covers the auxiliary 120-volt AC generator. A brief explanation of each service listed on the spreadsheet appears on the reverse side of the schedule.

To order this book, please call 800-720-2227 or 810-648-2444.

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GMC Motorhome & Transmode Maintenance Schedule

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