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A lot of people restore cars and trucks, but almost no one restores a motorhome. Most people renovate a motorhome much like they renovate their home every 15 to 20 years.

New kitchens and bathrooms are always high on the list, as are new window coverings, upholstery, carpet and modern-day surround sound systems. Of course, we cannot forget new video players and television screens that go hand in hand with the sound systems nowadays.

Renovation is best done in the off-season when a motorhome is not used or regularly used. That's why Cinnabar Engineering, Inc. rents the buildings at the Sanilac County Fairgrounds in Sandusky. Clients bring their motorhomes to Sandusky in October and November where they are stored inside until renovation work starts in the shop. Clients are driven to the Detroit airport where they fly home on an inexpensive round-trip ticket, and return on the round-trip half in the spring to pick up their renovated coach.

Consider a complete new ceiling complemented with day/night window coverings in hardwood surrounds to match the cabinetry in your motorhome. If you are feeling adventurous, the windshield drapery can be motorized with a key fob remote control that will open or close the drapery with the push of a button. Believe it or not, this is more than just a toy. It is a very nice and relatively inexpensive feature that makes closing up at night and opening up in the morning in a public campground a pleasure rather than a chore. The day/night side and back window coverings slide up and down with ease, but the remote-controlled front drapes are like frosting on the cake!

Our cabinet shop specializes in light, solid-surface countertops to replace the aging, plastic-laminated wood countertops originally installed in all GMC Motorhomes. The product of choice is Surell. Its seams cannot be found when it is completed and installed with Surell sinks or polished stainless steel sinks and new plumbing fixtures. A new stove and a microwave/convection oven usually complete galley renovation.

All original GMC Motorhome bathrooms are worn out. The bathroom fixtures don't work well, and the plastic toilets have seen their day. Renovation makes an enormous difference. Consider one of the new china toilets, and a single-knob shower valve just like you have in your shower at home. New lavatory fixtures are usually indicated, and a solid-surface Surell countertop and basin can be installed to match your galley for a very modern and high-line coach look.

Don't overlook the unseen mechanical things. The off-season is the time to get a new engine and transmission, and upgrade to the GM 3.42 Final Drive. It's also the time to get the front end rebuilt, and the tandem axles straightened, rebushed and aligned so the motorhome will go down the road straight next spring.

Renovation can be done in whole or in part. Planning it can be the biggest chore, because decisions have to be made on colors, appliances and fixtures. That's where the GMC Motorhome People at Cinnabar Engineering, Inc. can help.

May we reserve a spot for your coach this fall?

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